Thursday, June 15, 2017

Juvenile Yowie Caught On Video

From The Yowie Chronicles:

I had just returned from placing some mail in my neighbors letterbox and decided to wander down to the river bank and test out my new spot light. I spotted eyeshine behind a lantana bush on the riverbank. Blinking and ducking regularly behind the lantana it was clearly not a fox, sheep, cow or any of the usual suspects I see on our property. The eyeshine was followed by large branches being snapped and movement on the river bank directly behind where the eyes were spotted. I strongly suspect it was a Yowie.


  1. The guys reaction was very consistent with somebody scared shltless

  2. NOW what part of this video makes you think this is a Yowie? looks like Deer or roo. or what ever they have in Australia the cucks!

    1. ha ha ha ha Cucks = good.

    2. You clown!

      You have know idea what is here let alone what is in your own country.

      I suggest you keep trying to make friends with the insects in your Mom's basement.

    3. It's big Willy
      The one eyes worm