Thursday, May 11, 2017

What the Heck Was That?

A person posted this claiming that they heard this sound when they entered a wooded area. They say they were unable to identify the sound. We have a pretty good idea we know what it was though.


  1. bigfoot is such a tease. he has never showed himself, as"he can sense cameras", but he does like to scream like a banshee now n again

    1. Huh muh lil squass monsters! Rectum here, nah bigfootahs were hahmed during the filming of this video, juss their priiide. I'm so excited, I just cant hide it, immabout to lose control and i think i like it. This season the earwigs are coming on! Ive gots news for u people, theres no such thing a s a bigfoot expert. Are yah lissnen ikdummy and dr smelldumb? Rectum Rimholio signing off! Laters squass monstuhz.

  2. Sounds like a tree knock at about 11 seconds in. Volume needs to be up.