Monday, May 8, 2017

Tim Fasano is Back, Bigfoot Beware

Tim Fasano is back in the field with some big announcements. Florida bigfoot need to watch out!


  1. Still TimFatassano. Looks like you gained another 20 pounds pal.

  2. Oh shit! Fatsano is wearing the vest with the "X" on it! You know that means he means business! Probably gonna nab himself a live skunk ape by Memorial Day!

    Footers, don't ever change lol

  3. Tim Fasano is a bigger than life character who for the past couple of years has made a name for himself in the Bigfoot community. The problem is that name hasn’t always been associated with credibility.

    Tim regularly tried to discredited others in Bigfootdom and did it with venom in many instances. He burned many bridges and was (lets be honest) not well liked by others in the Sasquatch sandbox.

    I have to admit that on many occasions, Tim was right. It was the way he went about things that often left people with a less than stellar opinion of Tim.

    Most recently, in fact it’s been in the past 2 days that my good friend over at Bigfoot Evidence, Shawn had received some information. Due to Shawn’s diligence he was able to expose Tim for working both sides of the street.

    It would seem Tim was not only operating his own websites (most notably Bigfoot After Dark and Florida Bigfoot Researcher) focusing on Bigfoot/Skunk Ape but also secretly attacking himself and others from a blog called Bigfoot Buster Blog (now closed).

    Bigfoot Buster Blog was started to go after (primarily) Tim Fasano and Tim Stover who operates the youtube channel TCSJrBigfoot.

    Once the original Bigfoot Buster was outed the blog was shut down. That is until Tim decides to use the notoriety it had built by taking over the name and operating under a similar modus operandi.

    I am now going to yield to the story done by Shawn as he did most of the leg work in exposing Tim’s split personality.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    Breaking: Fearing death threat attack, Tim Fasano calls it quits, admits to creating Bigfoot Buster blog

    “This Bigfoot stuff is simply not worth it anymore. I had a great live before Bigfoot; I will have a great life after Bigfoot. I do want to thank my subs and real friends like tcsjrbigfoot. Thanks guys, this has been real but a little too real.” – Tim Fasano

    The Monsters Are Among Us

    The screenwriter Rod Serling once said, “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs, explosions, and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, and prejudices to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill; suspicion can destroy. Moreover, a frightened, thoughtless search for a scapegoat can have a fallout all its own.”

    The pity of this behavior is that it is universal, and not confined to the Twilight Zone. It has run rampant in the paranormal world, especially in the Bigfoot community. Mindless theories, prejudices toward others based on physical appearance, suspicion and fear have strangled the life force out of a thriving pursuit.

    Facilitated by social media, it has fueled polemics to a level previously unseen. Who is “finding Bigfoot’ has been replaced with distrust of others motives. What someone looks like, or said about someone else, is now more important then recorded audios and possible video captures. Those things will now be dismissed out of hand. Pointing out the employment of the person, or what he tips the scales at, dismisses the validity of evidence obtained.

    Rod Searling referred to the human mind metaphorically as “Maple Street.” In an episode called The Monsters on Main Street he showed how the real monsters in our world are not Bigfoot or aliens, but the monsters that are in our minds.

  4. This guys has no business being here, or anywhere, he's a joke!

    1. "X" means Satan! One reason why the put Merry X-mas....take Christ's name out!

  5. Keep your butthole tight squatches. Fasano is on the loose and hes thirsty for some crytobuttstuffing action.

  6. You just know that Fasano has time on his hands (thanks to Uber apparently), when he cuts a video short in order to investigate a common cackling Florida bird.