Monday, May 1, 2017

First Look at a Georgia Bigfoot Photo

Parabreakdown takes a look at a photo from January that possibly shows a bigfoot creature standing by a tree in Georgia.


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    1. ^ must be Joe

      come on out Joe..don`t be shy.

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    3. It's probably Alex Midnight Walker.

  2. Hooray,good old parabreakdown...he`s such a party pooper.

    Does he keep it in a jar ?

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  4. What an IDIOT! The video of this goes right up to the guy; it's a human. Para~Idiot. Oh but ok; I'm going to breakdown the photo and ignore the video showing the whole thing.

  5. The two men should have blasted it with a high powered gun.

    Sasquatches will often return to the same location. They should plant a land mine at the spot near the tree. The next time the squatch shows up, it will get blown to bits, and there will be enough pieces left to prove bigfoot exists.