Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bigfoot Stole My Fish

From PacWest Bigfoot on youtube:

Life's a beach, a gold beach in Oregon where I currently live and run a small business. It was on a day off that I had a run in with something I never thought was real, Bigfoot, and I have to tell you; it is not a very nice animal.

I live in Gold Beach, Oregon. I moved here with my parents as a teen, actually I was about 14 years old when they moved here to start up and run a fishing charter and guide service that I currently run today.

I will, like many others, keep my name out of this. However, if you ever find a guy fishing in the same spot I had this incident, just start up the conversation and say something funny about "Bigfoot country" and you'll know it's me, and I'll know you read this, and I'll share my encounter with you.


  1. I remember as a boy in the 60s watching the footage filmed by Patterson on the nightly national news = I remember asking my Pa if it was true and he said there`d probably be an answer within the next decade.That was many decades ago and as yet there`s not one further piece of proof.

    1. ^ Oh yes there is.

      Just that it isn`t being shown to the public.

      Now,get out of that one.