Monday, April 17, 2017

Wild Hogs Are The Bane of Southern Bigfooting

Wild hogs are everywhere in the southern United States, and they will attack you. Robert Dodson goes out to check his research area, and finds signs of the pigs.


  1. Good lord, does this person have a toddler filming for him? The footage is pretty clear, but the constant rocking back and forth makes you nauseated and makes it really hard to watch. Not sure i would want to watch any of his videos if they are all like this one. The really need someone else operating that video camera.First few minutes was fairly ok, but then the camera was tilting to the right then abruptly moved to the upright , then tilt to the right again and back up.. My 5year old can hold a video camera steadier than this person does, what a shame as his videos seem to be so clear most of the time, but it's so hard to watch a video that make you nauseated watching it. If you personally know this person you should tell him so he can better his videos for others to watch.