Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Bigfoot Audio From Oklahoma

Some of the creepiest audio I've ever heard recorded in a bigfoot area. Whatever it is, it's definitely big.


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  2. That is clearly the sound of a pine marten, a rare type of weasel.

  3. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GET THIS MAN SOME MEDICAL ATTENTION! HE'S OBVIOUSLY is had a stroke! please don't post anymore of his post! it's so painful to listen to!

  4. >>That is clearly the sound of a pine marten, a rare type of weasel.>>
    Yes its rare--so rare it doesn't live in Oklahoma --dumbass
    It's a canada, northern US animal.

    also the vocals are too great to be a small animal
    and there are other sounds in the audio-dumbass.