Saturday, April 8, 2017

Myakka Bigfoot Video

This video footage from Myakka, Florida has left a lot of skeptics on the fence. There's not much information behind it, and the owner of the video remains a mystery.


  1. You must freeze the stool as soon as you collect it, only pick up warm or steaming stool samples and then run right home and put them in your freezer

  2. Phil did a breakdown on this clip.

    Although, he was not entirely dismissive of this clip, Phil pointed to a number of things in this clip that led him to believe it was a well done hoax.

  3. I dunno fellas. It's hard to tell if it is a real skunk ape or a bloke in a suit . At one point I seem to see straight shoulders which would scream hoax . Also the 3 clips put together does also worry me as to what was cut out - was it a piece of the film which would have made it clear it was a hoax ?