Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bigfoot Class Being Offered at Washington College

Bigfoot enthusiast Michael Townsend is offering a bigfoot class at Centralia College in Washington.

A new class at Centralia College taught by a part-time volunteer instructor will further build on his claims that he discovered scientific evidence that proves bigfoot’s existence.

Mitchel Townsend, with the college’s department of continuing and community education, will feature some of his new archeological discoveries that include hybrid hominin art and stone carvings.

The rocks found locally at a location Townsend would not disclose are similar to that of Solutrean art — prehistoric art from the paleolithic times found in France. The artwork shows there was an advanced society in Lewis County over 20,000 years ago with culture and religion, according to Townsend.

The pictures on the rocks, which still need to be carbon dated, include elephants, bears and what he describes as a hybrid hominin in a similar pose to the Patterson-Gimlin film, which shows an unidentified subject thought to be bigfoot.

The stone carvings still need to be examined in an academic environment. Townsend has done a preliminary data analysis but plans to wait for the material to be peer reviewed since he has not yet finished a scientific paper that adequately describes his newest findings.

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  1. There's a reason why college graduates can't find jobs…

    1. LOL. Some bigfoot researchers make a good living with bigfoot.

      You go to your boring job, and they go out in the woods on TV and make "squatch" call. And make more money than you doing it.

  2. Townshend is pulling the rocks out of his head

  3. What is more elusive?

    Bigfoot or Tad Cummins?