Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fly Fisherman Has Encounter With Bigfoot Near McCloud River

From PacWest Bigfoot:

I took up fly fishing about 3 years ago. One of my favorite spots to fish was where the Claiborne Creek runs into the McCloud River in northern California, but not anymore, not since I ran into Bigfoot there.

My encounter, and sighting actually, lasted nearly 15 minutes or so. I know that is a long time to be around such an enormous and scary animal or creature, but that is what happened.

Here is my encounter, and if I were you, I would always bring a gun or at least bear spray when you go fishing in the woods of northern California, I know I do today...


  1. They should have named it the Dennis Weaver River.

    1. I had an encounter with a fisherman who undid my trouser fly - he was fishing for my worm.