Sunday, March 19, 2017

Close-Up California UFO Photo

From A California man believes he has captured images of  a UFO.
“It was obviously responsible for the power outage,” he explains. “I could see other houses go black as the flying craft proceeded out toward ocean.”

The photographer says he was freaked out and that he wasn’t the only one who saw the big UFO.

“I ran to a local restaurant two blocks away. I grabbed the manager Mario, whom I know, and he and a hostess saw it too.”

Reportedly, he says, the hostess noticed something located the opposite of the craft.

“They were at least 7 small lights hovering under the power lines. They were moving quickly and I saw entities coming out of them. One of them even landed behind me in the alley and rapidly went up to the craft.”

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  1. I love love love love love kitakaze

  2. I got better video footage of my own. No shut. But it's like 10/15 seconds long. Gonna up load it soon.

  3. Is that bigfoot piloting the UFO ?

    No ? ... oh alright then.

  4. Hmph...

    Yes, there are aerial technological devices that are not built or operated by us. But they aren't alien in origin either.

    We obviously aren't alone here on our little blue planet. There are 3 technologically stratafied human civilizations on Earth. Below us are the archaics. Above us is another species, perhaps some offshoot of the archaics, that developed technology more advanced than our own who also have elected to avoid us altogether. Scoff if you must but it is a far simpler explanation than claiming that aliens crossed interstellar space to visit our dumb asses