Wednesday, February 1, 2017

True Scary Bigfoot Encounters

From the youtube channel Swamp Dweller:

Hiking is a great way to get away from the burdens of life and help you revamp your self! Time to time we run into things we can't explain! Here are 4 True Scary Bigfoot Encounters While Hiking!


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      Is more like it!!

      AC collins

  2. Hiking is the best way to get away from the burdens of life and i want to spend my life like that thanks.

    1. What about food and water? If you spend your life hiking, where are you going to get food and water? Eventually the food and water carried in a backpack will run out. Are you prepared to hunt, fish, and forage for food? Then you'd have to have a gun with you and a knife and tools to gut and eat your kill. What about bathroom facilities? Are you also going to carry a pack of toilet paper in the backpack? Eventually that will run out too. And then there's toothpaste. That will run eventually as well. Then your teeth will decay. Where are you going to find a dentist while hiking?

    2. Dentist??
      WTF is that?