Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Retreat From Bigfoot Lake

From Bono Russell and Mojo Encounters:

Billy McDonald from Oklahoma shares with us some creepy Bigfoot encounters plus much more!


  1. I was watching Man in the High Castle a few days ago on Amazon Prime, and I was surprised to hear what sounds just like bigfoot yells in the background during one scene. I am absolutely not kidding.

    If you got to season 2 episode 5 at 24:42, there is a scene in which the Joe Blake character is outside talking to his estranged father. As they are talking, you can clearly hear noises in the background that sound just like many of the bigfoot yells that you can listen to on Youtube, the BFRO website, and other bigfoot sites.

    I don't know where they filmed this scene. They either captured bigfoot yells on the episode in the background or whatever is making those sounds on the show is what is being passed off as bigfoot yells on Youtube and bigfoot sites, because it sounds identical.

    Check it out for yourself. Let me know what you think. They might have actually caught a bigfoot on audio.

    1. Parts of the show are filmed east of Seattle.