Thursday, February 2, 2017

More Info on Recently Discovered North Dakota Trackway

From the Bigfoot Conundrum youtube channel:

Ellendale, ND -- After mysterious tracks showed up near Ellendale, North Dakota. Some thought it was evidence of bigfoot, others dismissed it. A letter was sent to the station anonymously, it claims to know exactly where the puzzling tracks came from.


  1. these fake tracks are even better than the debunked fake MILLS CREEK Georgia tracks,the dermals were identified as palm and foot superimposed and chemically treated to double the ridge thickness,,,FACT!


    1. Figure 41. Dermal ridge experimental cast. Dr. John Bodley made this cast, which included impressions of his own skin. It was shown to various fingerprint experts, along with one of those from the Blue Mts. All five authorities immediately picked Bodley's cast as showing anatomically incorrect ridge orientations, but could find nothing wrong with the other one.

      Krantz, Grover S. Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence-The Anthropologist Speaks Out.
      Canada, Hancock House Publishers Ltd, 1999, Page 82.

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    2. Oh... And the Mill Creek are from Washington. You stupid twat.

    3. nope im talking about elkins cast off of mill creek rd in hiram ga.DINGBAT!


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    6. Jimmy Chilcutt has submitted one very short piece on a cast from Georgia called the “Elkins” cast. His exact concepts are very hard to source, which in part has led to many reclining on the work Crowley has done (which does a good job at imitating alleged dermals) as the current default position. There's also a mix up between Chilcutt and Meldrum as to exactly what are original casts. The frustrating thing is, apart from an interview Chilcutt did for a sceptical radio show explaining how manufactured dermals fall short of the biological mark, Chilcutt is not forthcoming with extra information at this time.

      As for the 1982 Elk Wallow dermals, these do not align with any of the casting artefacts that Crowley has manufactured and if anything, Crowley's work serves as the perfect means to falsify these casts. Crowley is even on record stating that these do not have any resemblance to the casts he's tried to debunk, and was resorted to the LIE that Freeman was a self admitted hoaxer as the best means of attempting that. Nobody has debunked the Elk Wallow dermals. Everyone who has tried only serves to demonstrate how they're even more authentic, and it leaves the trolls a little upset with the likes of me for reminding them how grossly uneducated on the subject they are.

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