Friday, February 10, 2017

Creepy Bigfoot Eating Captured On Audio

Robert Dodson shares recently recorded audio where something got up close and personal with the recorder. Was it our hairy friend?


  1. Well... you know what they say... unless you can prove it wasnt that...

  2. I can "literally" sense Joerg's fear of me!

    1. Fear of getting fleas actually.

    2. @ 4:49 Damn rite She's scared!
      And she allways has been! And she ALWAYS will be! because everybody sees rite thru her
      Too bad she isn't self aware!
      So sad.

    3. If she only knew the heavy timber I'm packin, she'd drop to her knees (faking dropping a nickel on the floor)in a new york minute!


      mr Collins

    4. It's just joe eating my ass hole like there's no tomorrow .I don't know why it's only the audio I made a full movie.

  3. Got bigfoot dream sightings?

  4. I know those eating sounds!

    I think Robert found my ex-wife.

  5. I was watching Man in the High Castle yesterday on Amazon, and I was surprised to hear what sounds just like bigfoot yells in the background during one scene. I am absolutely not kidding.

    If you got to season 2 episode 5 at 24:42, there is a scene in which the Joe Blake character is outside talking to his estranged father. As they are talking, you can clearly hear noises in the background that sound just like many of the bigfoot yells that you can listen to on Youtube, the BFRO website, and other bigfoot sites.

    I don't know where they filmed this scene. They either captured bigfoot yells on the episode in the background or whatever is making those sounds on the show is what is being passed off as bigfoot yells on Youtube and bigfoot sites, because it sounds identical.

    Check it out yourself if you don't believe me.