Thursday, January 12, 2017

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [1-12-2017]

Watch: Paint with light

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:
Watch: Technology

Watch: Gif Bot

Watch: Bald hedgehog

Watch: Spoon man


  1. It's been well established that we haven't been able to capture a live specimen because Sasquatch obtained The One Ring from Sauron. Some researchers have hypothesized that when sasquatches telepathically open portals into other fund skins, the realm they are traveling to is Middle Earth. The invisibility conferred by the Ring of Power would help explain the inability to track down a specimen. Their mind powers and ability to manipulate the elements via their brain waves makes them even more elusive.

    1. Every day that Joe wakes up he goes further into depression. Because he realizes, like most other footers, that it makes zero sense that we dont have a body or any real evidence of there existence. And as this reality sets in further, footers are desperate and they turn to any theory that may explain away why bigfoot cant be found. They are ready to support any other option, other than the logical one.

      And so portals, mindspeak, zapping, cloaking, telepathy, UFO connections, infrasound, inter dimensional travel, etc......become completely plausible.

      Footers dont start out down this path though. At first they scoff at these ideas, but as the reality sets in that year after year no bigfoots are found, and no evidence is found. Save blurry photos, the patty film, inconclusive hair, and stories. Thats it.

      They simply dont want to face that reality. They want to believe so bad, that all of the sudden even Dr. Squatch's theories become more possible in there minds. Which leads them down the path of insanity that most footers go. Dont believe me, look at the likes of DS, Khat Hansen, Leon, etc.


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    3. For something as large as this we have a level of evidence (regardless of the amount you want to special plead), and if this creature does exist (and in my opinion it most certainly does based on the evidence), then it would naturally have to have evaded classification for hundreds & hundreds, potentially thousands of years... So what is 50 without a major consorted professional effort at investigating the evidence? Apart from the sensationalised stuff that you enjoy highlighting, it's funny how in all these lists you never seem to highlight the physical, biological, audio and video footage that makes all your focus a little pointless? You should be focussing on what CAN be measured by science, dear boy. Everything else afterwards is irrelevant when the creature you're trying to sensationalise is by scienific methods being shown to be leaving its sign on the environment. As it stands, the scientific evidence points to infrasound being the only crazy attribute Sasquatch can achieve, that has been shown to exist with available scientific means;
      ... It's not so much the attributes we assign, as it is you sensationalising the paranormal because you are too stupid to take what's been addressed by science, and attempt to explain it away with conventional means. In short; you're out of your depth.

      There are ways of testing biological evidence in the many hair samples found at locations of alleged Sasquatch activity, notably primatology and field biology in comparing against known primates' uniform morphology. If repeated samples are all morphologically congruent (ruling out hoaxing), and are definitively indistinguishable from classified human and non-human primates but uniquely uniform... Then again you have repeatable scientific evidence. If a critic asserts that there is evidence for disproof, he is making a claim and therefore also has to bear a burden of proof. I think the cause of your meltdown, is the fact that the more extraordinary a claim, the heavier is the burden of proof demanded... And there's an awful lot to explain away if you think all the evidence is the result of hoaxing and misidentification.

      Here's your "blurry photos";
      ... The PGF has been presented as a piece of evidence for the existence of "Bigfoot", by Jeff Medrum (anthropologist & authority on evolutionary bipedalism) John Bindenagle (PhD wildlife biologist & former advisor to the UN), Ian Remond (OBE FZS FLS tropical field biologist and conservationist), and O Allen Guinn (MD FACS Aurora Plastic Surgery).

      Now let's see something other than insults and sockpuppets.

    4. Insults and Sockpuppits is my game,,,PEDO-JOE is my name!

    5. Quick question... What type of person posts child rape threats at females and then embarks on a meltdown campaign calling someone else a pervert?

    6. Tina, you correct about footers not having proof and either hoaxing or coming up with an excuses to why they dont have any proof.
      You are incorrect about any of my theories, I don't have any whatsoever. I can back up everything I claim.

  2. Pleeze, pleeeeze click! If you don't, my kids mom will have my nuts cut off and get me thrown into deadbeat dad jail.

    Sincerely, Shawn Evidence.