Friday, January 20, 2017

Check Out This Great Bigfoot Documentary

From SoCal Bigfoot on youtube:

In this 49 minute presentation, we get some bigfoot researchers that discuss various aspects of the phenomenon ranging from prints and sightings to habitat and feasibility of the creature's existence. These researchers also talk about their continuing struggles to understand something for which they are largely mocked for studying. Among the interview, subjects are John Green, John Bindernagel, Thomas Steenbergen, Robert Pyle, and Richard Noll. New faces to me were Bill Miller, Christina Walls, and Mel Skahan. Also included is the almost mandatory brief discussion and viewing of the Patterson-Gimlin film. It's a strong documentary that focuses more on the researchers and their studies. The biggest downfall is that it is so short. Otherwise, I recommend it for your bigfoot collection.


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  3. If you have Netflix, Bigfoot Reflections is on there.