Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bigfoot In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is pretty well known for its strange creatures, and not just cheeseheads. The Packers state also has bigfoot and dogman creatures roaming around.

Dozens of claims have been reported that the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot is real. TV shows have been created and several investigations have taken place searching for the monster But, how much do you know about bigfoot. Dustyn Dubuque with the Dunn County Historical Society sat down in the WEAU studio to share more.


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  2. I live in Wisconsin. There have been sightings around the large Southern Kettle Moraine state park located in the southeastern part of the state. They call the creature seen there as The Beast of Bray Road (Google it). Some eyewitnesses have described the beast as a dog-like looking biped while others have described it as a more traditional looking bigfoot creature.

    Much of northern Wisconsin is heavily forested, with millions of acres of woodlands. A small population of sasquatches, 5-10 let's say, could easily live there and be unseen in those huge woodlands.

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