Saturday, January 7, 2017

Bigfoot Encounters In Utah

Pac West Bigfoot sits down with Mark from Utah to talk about his experiences with bigfoot. 


  1. Looks like we might have some compelling DNA evidence requiring further investigation and analysis:

    or maybe it's nothing...

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  2. Wait! Stop the presses!!

    This is it!!!

    unless it's nothing.

    1. I got the grill !

      Who's got the beer?

  3. Sit down Mark and lets chat:

    So Mark tell me about your experiences with bigfoot.

    Mark: I've never had one

    That makes sense because bigfoot doesn't exist.

    Mark: I just like to f-uck with people. Some people are so gullible.

    So basically you are full of s-hit.

    Mark: yeah, pretty much

    Thanks for your time Mark

    Mark: my pleasure

    Well there you have it, another pointless interview with a liar. Tune in next time for an interview with Bob Gimlin.

    1. Tune in next time for the stu having another conversation with himself.

    2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Notice he's particularly angry lately?

    3. Nope haven't noticed that. I've noticed him completely destroying you daily and making you the dancing monkey on this site. Have you noticed that?

    4. Very angry... Chill man, you're gonna explode?