Monday, December 12, 2016

The Bigfoot World Has Lost The Great Dallas Gilbert

Long-time bigfooter, and all around great person, Dallas Gilbert has passed away at age 67. Dallas was already famous around the bigfoot world, but became known to those outside of the bigfoot community after he and his research partner Wayne were the focus on a bigfoot documentary "Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie". Dallas will be greatly missed by all those who came into contact with him.

Funeral expenses needed. Must raise before we can bury our father on Friday Dec 16th. He was well known for his Bigfoot movie and research, and was loved by many people around the world. Dallas had a heart of gold, and would give anyone his last dollar and the clothes off his back. Dallas passed away unexpectedly Dec 9 2016. Thank you and bless you. Help spread the word!

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  1. All his friends better kick their donations in high gear if they are going to raise five thousand for funeral expenses by Friday.

  2. LOL another footer dies with nothing!!

    Bet he smelled of elk unrine and stale booze.

  3. Did their documentary prove the existence of bigfoot?


    Then it WAS your typical bigfoot documentary.

    Seriously, whether it's Peter Graves babbling on about Mysterious Monsters in 1976 or Mat Moneymaker (not) Finding Bigfoot in 2016, they're all the same. Talk to some yokels who don't know a bear when they see one, interview some scientists hell bent on destroying their credibility, display a few plaster paperweights, show the same tired old clips of the Patterson Gimlin footage or some blobsquatch photos, and completely fail to prove the existence of bigfoot.

    1. yeah i know, you're not interested and you're done
      Now please go away and consume your cheetos and mountain dew


    2. Can't prove it doesn't exist either.

  4. R.I.P.....Swim with the swamp eels and hula girls!!