Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Bigfoot Savant Theory

Christopher Noel has his own theory as to why bigfoot are like they are, and why their behavior is so seemingly unexplainable, except when Noel explains it.


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    1. An excellent butt kicking friend and smart as a whip!

    2. Evening Chick,

      Uno is definitely excellent !

    3. Why are you speaking to yourself chick rape kids? Forget what account you were logged in under?

    4. The only "savants" (the autistic) are the bigfart bleevers here on the blog - oh,hiya Joe.

      ha haha

    5. ^ someone give this big baby a pacifier


    6. ^ here`s your "savant" Joe - right on cue.

    7. Thank you Chick! You're mighty nice, and I see you've been kicking butt and taking names lately also. Nice to know you've got things covered when I'm not around. Stay well my friend.

      Speaking of excellence, thanks Clive!

  2. Any on you all remember this saying:

    Commander ZoloftSunday, June 22, 2014 at 7:05:00 AM PDT
    The deep sea self-aware hatertole fish is the majestic royalty of the deep.

    Courtesy of Commander Zoloft, but repeated for months.

  3. Lets not forget The True Dat Guy

    The True Dat GuyFriday, June 20, 2014 at 4:48:00 PM PDT
    True dat.True dat.

  4. Hi Chick Chick

    Good to have you back. The perv troll is scrum

    Christopher Noel is a habituated. Probably the only way to get close to the big guy. The safest for sure. But nothing is too safe with an 800 lb. Apex predator. His videos and others like him are interesting to say the least. Something is out there responding to his attempts to communicate. And whatever it is it must have an opposing thumb


    1. Hi MMC! Just can't imagine having them around the house. I would never feel safe and would live on the edge. Curtains drawn and no pets.

    2. I love Noel. And he's one of few habituators who've actually managed to get Seatco on film!

    3. The noel woodpile thermal video is very compelling!
      and quite possibly supernatural in nature!

      How bout them Apples VEGAS THE
      (iktomi Joe f) DOG?? Lol!

      AC collins