Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Beast of Barmston Drain

From Dogman Encounters Radio:

Most of you will remember tonight's guest, Paul Sinclair from Episodes 62 and 64, where he talked about sightings of the Flixton Werewolf. Tonight, Paul will be back to talk about more U.K. Dogman sightings. Of course, he'll be talking about a new sighting of the Flixton Werewolf. Paul will also talk about the Beast of Barmston Drain and other Dogman sightings he's been investigating.

Click here to listen


  1. Well I had money yesterday. Spent all my money playing those half ass games. But I did get lucky and I didn't have to urinate on my victim. Oh yeah she was as hairy as a Sassy.

  2. I just listened to that,very interesting more so because the reports are from the UK.I wish i had the time to listen to more dogman radio though xx