Saturday, December 10, 2016

On Scene Investigation Just Two Hours After Sighting

Tim Stover is on a late night investigation just two hours after the sighting occurred. Bigfoot is probably still in the area, and might be checking Tim out. Keep your eyes peeled for eyeshine!


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    1. Hey Vegas. It wouldn't be if crazy guy @2:13 had been banned years ago. I expect this place will be completely done soon. Too bad. There were some great people on here and it was a fun time.

    2. Hey Chick, I'm sure there were some good people, I had the privilege of talking to some of them. I don't understand why the owners wouldn't implement a moderator, it would bring quality discussion and debate. Not a playground for children and spammers like DS.

    3. Gonna smear it in both of your faces

    4. No Quality debate can come from a penis loving Satanist, who's been blinded from the've proven that many times over!

  2. Bigfoot is always still in the area. The real question is whether Bigfoot is still in man's dimension.