Friday, December 23, 2016

Midwest Bigfoot - The Last Hurrah

From bigfoot enthusiast Ron Read on youtube:

The final video episode in the Midwest Bigfoot series. I kayak into the Mercer Bayou, discover some of the flora and fauna, then we go onward to the Ouachita mountains before heading home. Like us on Facebook (our page is Sasquatch Society) for more content like this, Stay tuned on Youtube for audio interviews and podcast entries, as well as more videos from past and future investigations.


  1. Dear Santa,

    Please please please PLEASE can I have some proof of bigfoot for my present just so I can show all the nay sayers that it is real ? Oh,PLEEEEEAAAAAASE !!!

    I will put my stocking at the end of my bed as always and leave some cake for you too,Santa.