Saturday, December 10, 2016

Man Captures Bigfoot Shaking Tree On Video

This is a teaser for an upcoming documentary called "Elusive", but wait until you see the footage that was actually captured by a man, of what appears to be a bigfoot shaking a tree. Impressive.


  1. Weren't any bigfoot "researchers" ever in the Boy Scouts?

    They taught us how to use sticks like that as trail markers so we could find our way back (or searchers could find us if something went wrong).

    Also why does this guy think that black bear having a back scratch on that tree looks like a gorilla? I guess to true believers everything looks like a bigfoot. To everyone else it looks like what it actually is.

    1. Native tree structures explained;

      Giant version, 4mins 30seconds;

    2. I love the way you like to put words in people's mouths, likely to save some of that meagre self esteem of yours. God knows, it wasn't remaining intact through adult debate. What made you quit on the sensationalised paranormal stuff?

    3. Who are you talking to, yourself?

    4. any sane person could easily tell the difference between a bear and a gorilla type creature
      7:53, you lose as per usual
      Cheerio !


  2. wtf... that kid is like 10 feet from the camera... why didn't his daddy just walk a little closer? And, not exactly a big tree. If i farted in its general direction it would move like that. "Hey dad look at me, I'm waving this tree!"

  3. You can all go home folks. There's nothing to see here. Move along.

  4. Did anyone else notice the tree at the ground looking like CGI or weird in any way?

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