Thursday, December 22, 2016

Group In Bee County Texas Searches For Bigfoot

From the Bigfoot Conundrum youtube channel:

For decades people all over the world have reported sightings of an ape-like creature known as Sasquatch, or Bigfoot One group in Beeville, Texas is working to try and prove it actually exists.


  1. These men aren't attention seekers. And if you want to start something- just skip to 00:55. That look will set you straight.

  2. the most important vote you will have this year

    1. ^^ I love how jealous this idiot is....BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!

    2. 73-0
      read 'em and weep doc
      show us a video where there is movement of a clear bigfoot
      You can't because you're just like Todd Fraud Standing - another grifter out to make the bigfoot community look bad

    3. even Hillary got a few votes in her favor

  3. So far not one person has voted for Dr. Squatch being Number One. Hows that for confronting delusion?

    Anyone familiar with current evidence might conclude that Mark Zaskey is out ahead of the rest. You won't, however, see him making claims of being Number One.

    1. yes, Zaskey has some of the most amazing evidence out there. Doc Squat is like the jealous high school nerd who kept getting turned down by every girl. He fabricates his evidence because he can't do the same work that Zaskey does
      Doc is like the wizard behind the curtain

    2. Zaskey has evidence yes, but not even close to what i have....I have evidence coming everyday, oh jealous one's!
      Yes, 73 people can't handle the truth, I LOVE IT!

      If I did a video on my channel, telling everyone that some jealous idiot, with zero proof, on a non-evidence Bigfoot sight, has a poll about me, and told them to vote, it would be all in my favor.
      But, I'm not playing into the click bait game!

      Keep trying to undermine my evidence Kekky, won't ever happen!

    3. snooooooooore
      having fun doc ?
      in your deluded fantasy world all things are possible .
      in the real world it's 80-0 that say you are full of it. You aren't into click bait, you are into the other kind of bait