Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bigfoot Lurking At The Pinnacles

Michael Cook and others discuss the ongoing bigfoot activity in Kentucky.

It appears something very big is lurking at the Pinnacles in Berea. This is according to Michael Cook from Cook Cryptid Research and Glenn Mink, Squatch investigator, who have been looking in the area for the legendary Bigfoot.

During a recent presentation at the Madison County Public Library, Cook and Mink spoke about their recent exploits on the Indian Fort Mountain Trail and their experiences there. The men were joined at the seminar by their friend, Ed Brown, who hosts several popular Youtube Channels.

Cook said while scouting the Pinnacles, he and Mink had came across broken and twisted branches. This, he said, might not have been a big deal if the broken twists had not occurred so high.

In a presentation video, Mink showed off stacks of rocks, which looked as if they had been placed by an intelligent creature. Mink restacked the rocks in another order, and came back to find them rearranged again.

Trail camera pictures from the Pinnacles were “tripped” at various times. Cook turned out the lights so the audience could see the picture on the projector a bit better. He directed everyone’s attention to shining points on the picture, which could be attributed to lights from houses in the distance or stars. However, the mountain in the background of the picture does not have houses on its sloping ground, and stars do not rest in mountains.

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  1. Did you ever notice that "bigfoot activity" involves the same BS,and it never results in any proof?

    1. Actually... It very regularly results in physical evidence, to which wouldn't be the case if it was all BS.

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