Thursday, December 15, 2016

BC Squatchers Find What They Were Looking For

From the BC Squatchers:

Once again the fellows explore another new location finding copious evidence including stick structures, arches, large X's, and debris festooning the large stumps from the ancient forest. Best is having Sasquatch join us, first throwing a large stick and then making loud snaps as we hike. At the end, the freshly picked fern symbolically references the structures from the summer, and the wigwam, that had been intentionally adorned with ferns.


  1. And once again, Bigfoot Evidence lowers the bar on what they call evidence.

  2. Well there you go, every fallen branch in the forest creating a X - BIGFOOT! Every plant or bush forming an unusual pattern - BIGFOOT! Every sound in the forest - BIGFOOT! Every disturbed area in the ground - BIGFOOT!

    You see - the "Boss of the Forest" has nothing better to do than to arrange thousands of these clues because he really wants to be found. He knows you will come looking for him in just that right spot as well. He makes his presence known but you can just never prove it. You Santa Claus.

    1. ^^ i guarantee you've NEVER been in the woods, and certainly have ZERO Bigfoot research!

      Haints, when are you going to show some evidence?

  3. What is this? Some blog about some creature called bigfoot? And some story about some people called squatchers in some place called BC, and some comments about the story by some people who don't believe in some creature called bigfoot? More liberal propaganda from the lame stream media. I'm not interested. Done.