Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving Bigfoot Story

From PacWest Bigfoot on youtube:

Me, Thanksgiving, And Bigfoot – The Turkey Hunt Surprise!

This is a short event, or story if you will, about me, Thanksgiving, and Bigfoot. And trust me, this was the biggest surprise ever, heck, not even a surprise as much as a what!!!!!! in the world???!!!! moment.

I have hunted for wild turkey now around the Three Sisters for about 40 years or so. Most of the time I would head out of the little town of sisters I grew up in towards Three Creeks Lake, up old Three Creek Lake Road so that you know the area if you are from here.

I was not married or had any kids at the time of the event, so I was alone. And when I got back home, my parents were skeptical at first about my story. But here is my Thanksgiving story of me, Bigfoot, and a turkey hunt turned crazy anyways…