Monday, November 7, 2016

Strange Chatter Heard In The Woods - Could Be Sasquatch

From Sasquatch Chronicles:

A listener writes “I’m Chris, from Ohio. Would first like to say I really enjoy your show. I’ve been listening for a good 6 months or more now. I look forward to it every week. I’v been considering writing in for a little while now. I have a couple of stories that may be interesting for your show. I will try to sum them up quickly so you can get an idea.

The first is a short story that happened to me back in June of this year. I was up with a friend in Sleeping Bear Dunes Michigan. It is a national lakeshore along lake Michigan. We were up for a weekend camp trip. One morning we got up early to go check out this overlook. It was about 7am we were walking the trail to this overlook. There was rainy weather off and on so that morning it was really foggy.

Everything was still and dead quiet. As we were on the trail, suddenly something large came crashing down through the tree tops about 20-25 yards from us. When the object hit the ground it had a deep thud signifying it was very heavy. A minute or two later I started to hear what sounded like (the closest comparison I can think of) small children basically chattering off in the distance, in the direction the heavy object seemed to have come from.

Immediately I thought of everything I had heard on your show. It seemed to me to be an exact replay of things I’ve heard other guests talk about. I continued to hear the chatter as we walked on. We made it to the overlook, hung out for a while and then headed back to the car. As we passed the same area of the chattering, I could still hear it only much more faint this time and farther away. I never saw anything, never heard any other movement or anything else. That was it. I can’t confirm anything but all of this reminded me of many other people’s encounters on the show, even occurring in the same order as others.

The next story is one that happened to me a long time ago. I had to be around 13-14 years old. My dad and his wife (not my mom) lived in Ohio at the time. We were at my uncles rural property (private property) down in south-central Ohio. Dad had a pull-behind camper at the time. It was a mid-size, where there was a bedroom in the back and in the front the bench seat folded down into a bed. I was sleeping on the fold down bench in the front there. About 1:15am I woke up to an absolutely god awful, hair raising sound. Probably the scariest sound I’ve ever hear before or since. The best way I can describe it is if you can imagine a demonic psychopath slowly walking slowly around the camper with his mouth up against the outside wall doing a “yell-breathing sigh” as loud and hard as he possibly can. (I’m actually tearing up a bit writing this, haha). But this sound was something straight out of a horror movie. Dad and his wife woke up, the 2 dogs they had were barking. This sound went on for probably 10-12 minutes (seemed like an hour) before dad finally got up and opened the door to peer outside.

I yelled at him to wait so I could load the shotguns we had with us first (we were visiting so we could go hunting on the property). He went out anyway. When he opened the door, the sound became a lot more clear. It still sounded like the possessed breathing psycho, but there was also a low pitched screeching scream happening with breathing sound. Both sounds were SUPER loud and echoing all around the valley of the woods. We never saw anything. Only these terrible sounds. After a couple minutes we gave up and went back in the camper. The sounds eventually lessened and went away. That was it. The next day we went walking down a normally traveled path to see if we could see anything. It was in the direction of the screaming.

We didn’t find anything out of the ordinary except one thing. There was a tree with a branch that hung lower than all others on the tree or any other trees around it. The day before it was just a branch just like any others around. That day, that branch had been completely skinned down to the white wood. Not a spec of bark left on it anywhere. There were tons of long thin shreds of back all around the area below it.

We dismissed it as a really pissed off bobcat at the time. I had my doubts about that back then and still do now. I’ve listened to recordings of bobcats and none have ever sounded close to how this thing sounded. What we heard was in my opinion way too loud and way too deep (depth with the higher pitches). It was just incredible. What I don’t understand is I don’t think it really sounded like any noises or recordings I’ve heard of what people claim to be bigfoot. So I really don’t know if that is what it was or if the story pertains to your show’s subject matter or not. All I know is that it scared the daylights out of me and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

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