Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New Breakdown Video Best Footage Yet Australian Yowie

The Paranormal Review takes a look at a piece of footage claiming to be the best footage of a yowie. But is this footage as it claims? Check out what the Paranormal Review has to say.


  1. Tri-Drivel should stick to failing at breakdowns on Bigfoot let alone trying to breakdown on Yowies.
    Knows absolutely nothing about Kangaroos, Australia, etc or camera position, many times I have gone to take a picture of some one or thing and it makes a gesture then I will start to re-frame my camera with the expectancy that it will go that way, IT IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU TAKE PICTURES!
    Worst part was when the author of the video says their opinion is it is fake does not mean that is the case, it is just their opinion.
    For instance next time I take a picture of my car and then write on the picture "on Mars", then my car is on Mars according to Tri Fail.

    Please Tri harder next time.