Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hollywood Bigfoot Suit Sold On Ebay

The bigfoot suit used for the movie " Something In The Woods" recently sold on ebay for $2500. That's right, it could have been yours! Hopefully a hoaxer didn't get a hold of it.

If you’re in the market for a movie-quality Bigfoot costume, you’re in luck, because the incredibly detailed Sasquatch suit from the film Something in the Woods has hit eBay. There’s just one thing you need to know: if you’re planning on using it for a hoax, you shouldn’t bother bidding.

It’s not hard to find yourself a Sasquatch suit these days, but if you really want to turn heads, you need something that’s custom built. While most so-called “Bigfoot” costumes aren’t much more than repurposed gorilla suits without the proper proportions to capture the big hairy guy’s legendary physique, creature designer Travis Driver has managed to craft a pretty stunning realization of the beast, and if you’re lucky, you could own it.

The hand-made costume took over three-hundred hours to create, and has a built-in muscle structure (because who wants a wimpy squatch?), is covered in high-grade National Fiber Technology Fur, and comes with silicon hands and feet as well as a painstakingly-detailed mask. Just check out this screen test footage to see how good the suit looks in action:


  1. J Randi and his husband for Hillary !


    Not good


  3. Got better monkey suit ?
    This one's bloody awful and couldn't even fool a blind parrot


  4. The head appears way out of proportion to the shoulder girth.