Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bigfoot Stays Hidden In The Thick Cover of Ohio Woods

Tim Stover takes us along for the journey in this video. You can see how easy it is for bigfoot to hide. You really are limited as to what you can see when you're out in the wilderness.


  1. Replies
    1. I concur with the above sentiment. For example, guess how many gorillas (primates all the same), are hiding in this photo;


    2. (At least seven)


    3. The 47th superfriends strike is officially over. Once again Joe and the other superfriends learn that Matt doesn't care about them one bit, and that they will never get moderation. Congrats Joe! You made it roughly 4 days!!!!!!!!! Its time to celebrate.

    4. They need to draw some faces on them Icky, i don't see even one!

      Stover has one of the nicer camera's i've seen, but why the heck is he so far away from the woods, not in there filming looking for them???????????????????
      Clearly NOT researching, wasting people's time!

  2. Waaay out deeeep in the wilderness of... Ohio.

  3. The standard living in denial phrase that 24/7 F&B believers use to deny that the Bigfoot are invisible is, "Bigfoot knows exactly how deep to stand in the woods so that you cannot see them".