Friday, October 21, 2016

Two Investigators Spook Possible Bigfoot

From the Frosted Forest Sasquatch youtube channel:

*The loud stick breaking sound and rustling noises around 7:42 were not made by us. Something was startled by us and jumped formula Somewhere then fled*

Brian and I went looking around in the woods near the area of the last night video. We went to the North side of the bottom of the hill where they built the shelters. While we were making our way off trail something took off from the area about 20ft from where we were. There was a rustling in the pine straw and we heard steps and a very loud stick snap. When we reviewed the footage at around 7:40 it looked like some possible orbs appeared at the time we heard the movement. We tried to determine if it was bugs flying but they did not look close enough to be illuminated by the beams from the lights since they were pointing away from where the spots appeared. I'm still not sure about it though. Thanks for watching!