Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bigfoot Hunter Gets A Surprise

Bigfoot hunter Robert Dodson get a surprise in his research area when he hears wood knocks at the head of a trail. Check it out:


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  3. I would be surprised if Dodson ever found actual evidence of bigfoot.

    I would be surprised if any of his videos ever actually got to the point. Instead we get an eternity of Dodson rambling on and on.

    1. The truth is that they are in his area but he refuses to take the necessary step to learn what they look like so he can film them.

      Homework fail.

      If you don't know what they look like you will literally not see them. Its like a 2-hour exercise to learn their appearance but most researchers cannot humble themselves long enough to learn what must be learned. These people aren't rocket scientists.

    2. I don't know why the woo woo invent all those crazy theories about bigfoot being invisible or turning into orbs to explain their complete failure to produce any real evidence.

      The incompetence of bigfoot researchers is a much simpler explanation.

    3. Yep, you guys are catching on, and especially to the JOKE that Dodson is.
      Don't comment on him, or watch his video's, maybe he will go away!

    4. No no. It's better that Dodson continue "looking" for bigfoot. It keeps him out in the woods and away from civilization.