Friday, September 23, 2016

Ohio Bigfoot Lockness Cove Thermal

Ohio bigfoot hunter Tim Stover hits the waterways with a thermal camera looking for the elusive bigfoot on his personal watercraft.


  1. Bigfoot research from a jetski is bulls_hit.

    This guy is lazy. Not watching another Tim Stover video ever.

    1. Bigfoot is scared away by the noise of a drone or a gamecam. However he doesn't mind the sound of a jet ski. Next week, I have planned a Bigfoot search the woods using bulldozers and tanks.

    2. Well he is on a jet ski and using a thermal camera so he already has two 'tard strikes.

      He might as well draw eyes and a mouth like Dr. Squatch and go full retard.

      If you're going to do something do it 100%.

  2. He is looking for Bigfoot on his personal watercraft? I didn't know Bigfoot had a personal watercraft.

  3. If you cannot photograph or record video of Bigfoot you have to use props or have a gimmick.

    This is the Waterworld equivalent of Robert Dodson on his quad.


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