Thursday, September 1, 2016

Looking For Bigfoot In Witches Cove

Looking for bigfoot in witches cove is always better than looking for witches in bigfoot cove.
Or is it?


  1. I bet it's only white people looking. Non whites don't see bigfoot.

    1. I bet whites and non-whites don't see any signs of intelligence in you.

    2. There are of course some basic demographic indicators; I have every reason to believe that the majority of trolls on the English-speaking web are, like Violentacrez, white, male and somewhat privileged.

      American trolls wrap themselves in the American flag like nobody I've seen. They consider themselves patriots as far as the Constitution goes. There's a sense that if we can, we should. That's still the narrative of America. Trolls are taking [a] much-lauded American ideal and turning it into this grotesque satire of itself.

    3. The second paragraph describes most footers (such as Leon) and the first paragraph declaring trolls to be "privileged" is a big change from your burger flipper mantra!

    4. Bad day to be a soulless troll. Slap downs from every direction.


    5. 3:29... Not at all. In your case, you no doubt came from a privilaged home with strict or authoritarian parenting where you developed low self-esteem, lack of confidence or an inferiority complex. This was pretty much perpetuated in the manner in which you flunked in everything you did, notably education, and ended up as a burger flipper. Such a let down...

      But this is "everyone else's fault", right? Lucky for nut jobs like you, you have the Internet as a therapy exercise.

    6. I am A Patriot to the constitution as it was written.

      If you think Our country, our government, has followed it --------- Your an Idiot.

      I want the U.S. we should have, not the one we do have. Freedom of speech for example. Just because you have a right to say whatever you want doesn't mean you should.

      You troll give the exact example of speech that should be popped in the mouth. We have laws that deal with vulgarity and you wouldn't do in the public square what you do hear in secret, would you coward?

      I post 1 in 50 of your posts. Which in turn, makes you dumber than a rock to call me a troll.

      But that one whack with a stick causes you to twitch and babble for days. I have been doing it to you for months.

      And Iktomi, he is the wall of resilience. He is logical you are chaos. He is Nice, your an ass, He maintains course, you blow around in the wind like a ship without a rudder.

      Your just ugly inside and out, and useless as tits on a boar.

    7. There are people who see them.....

      And there are people that never will.

      If you can't even give the idea a real possibility in your mind, I guarantee, you don't have the perseptual speed necessary to see them. It works that way. It is the same involved when they GOOOOOOOO!


      Simple test ----- have you been hypnotized, ---- yes ------ your not going to see one!

      If it didn't work on you, you might see one?

    8. Hey Iktomi and Chick.

      Probably going to do the first two on Sat Iktomi, Then a couple days later. You'll get the heads up!

    9. You wonder why I come here? This thread is so uproariously funny that I can't stop laughing!

    10. FAKE troll killer Alert!!!! @4:19.. No one has ever seen TK complete a whole sentence without a misspelled word!!


      AC collins

    11. Bigfoot are falling angels ,deal with it Joe!

    12. No, they are 50% FALLEN ANGEL, AND A CERTAIN TYPE IS ONLY 25% FALLEN ANGEL. And another may be 0% Fallen angel. Depends on which type you mean, ha ha ha ha ha ha It's all in the history books if you look deep enough.

    13. Mr. Collins, Something is spelled with an "e" after the m---