Monday, September 19, 2016

Drone Footage Used To Search For Bigfoot

The WASRT bigfoot group takes to the skies with a Phanton 3 drone to search for the elusive creature. Check out the footage in the following video to see what they caught.


  1. You have to program the flight? You can't just fly it manually?

    Hope you've got a spare...

    1. Sure do, we keep plenty spares at THE MAGIC AIR FORCE BASE.

  2. A drone? Is that like Ben Stein or Al Gore when they talk?

  3. Drones in the air?

    I thought it was all supposed to be about boots on the ground?

  4. Well, you had a nice session with a Phantom :) It always amazes me how great the footage is from the Phantom 3 series! No matter what you film, it is rock solid stable and the picture is crystal clear! You have found an interesting purpose for that drone ;) You wouldn't believe what people use drones for these days! Check out some of the greatest drone uses, here: