Monday, September 12, 2016

Brothers Talk About Bigfoot Encounters While Hunting

From Sasquatch Chronicles:

I will be speaking with two brothers. One of the brothers says “Over the years we hunted this property in Indiana, it was a great place to hunt.

The only downside to hunting this land is you would feel like you were being watched all of the time. After killing a deer we would get screamed at by something and it would shake us up. We were paced out of the woods several times by something. This thing would break branches and stomp its feet.

Sometimes we would make a kill and follow the blood trail to where we could tell the animal bleed out and died but the deer would just vanish. Our deer vanished several times, it was like something picked it up and took off with it. So many things happened out on this property, we would hear what sounded like people talking but could not make out what they were saying. One time I got out of my tree stand and went to find these people talking but there was no one there.

We would have strange tree structures place under our tree stands, sometimes huge trees would be placed and leaning on our tree stands. So many odd things but if you do not believe in bigfoot and the land was so good to hunt…..I think we just looked the other way and passed off a lot of things as just being strange. We even found tracks of what looked like large human feet in the mud.

It was not until recently we started listening to the show and now a lot of things are starting to add up…”


  1. First for Brenton.

    He's such a clever lad.

    1. I suppose he is if you send him money but you certainly wouldn't be.

    2. Yah, but listening to Brenton is both informative and entertaining.

      As opposed to Fortean Slip, ------------sounds like three drunks dragging a wet cat across a Chalk-board. It just hurts the ears.

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    3. Three times in the last year, while drinking with the boys, Alcorn accidentally lights Yorks balls on fire. York keeps telling Alcorn, that's not your bong asshole. Alcorn responds, Rictor liked it.

      Why they were all naked in the first place is still a mystery.

      Perhaps Phil will investigate further.

    4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ok thats FUNNY! And accurate.