Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Woman Recounts Bigfoot Stories From An Area In Arkansas

From Sasquatch Chronicles:

About 2 years prior to this, a camp sponsor came by and warned us because a few months prior, a lady said that a bear tried to take her toddler during the night. Basically, she woke up to what she called “a hand” grabbing her 2 year old son’s ankle and trying to pull him out of the tent. She screamed and whatever it was let go and took off. She stated that it had dark brown hair and fingernails. She said that it had long fingers so she wasn’t sure “what kind of bear it was”. I never thought anything more about it until recently.

One other odd thing that happened there…when one of my sons was 4 years old, he got lost (in the daytime) when one of his older brothers left him. We searched for him for about an hour. We were screaming his name constantly. He all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere. When we asked him where he’d been, he said he went to the top of the mountain on the other side of the creek and kept going because he thought he could hear us talking and was trying to find us. He said that he could hear “two daddys” talking but couldn’t understand them. At no point were there two males from our group talking to each other. The males had all split up and headed in different directions. He was crying and terrified. He was so far away that none of us ever heard him crying. He said that something (a mommy as he called it) started talking to him from far away (though I’m not sure what exactly he meant, but I got the impression that he thought she was getting on to him), and she sort of herded him back in the right direction.

He just said he didn’t know what she said, but she scared him so he went the other way. He never saw her. He’s now 16. He remembers some of it but none of the details. We always wondered what or who sent him back on the right path. Had that not happened, there’s no doubt in my mind that he would have died that day. It dropped down into the 20s that night, and he was wearing shorts because the daytime was much warmer. By our estimations, he had gotten at least 4 miles away from us and onto the top side of the mountain. He told me that he saw a bear, but I’m not sure (nor is he) that it was actually a bear. Supposedly there are black bears out there. He just said that he saw a huge brown bear standing up by a tree.

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