Thursday, August 4, 2016

Woman In California Shaken When She Captured Photo Of Aliens In Home

A woman in San Diego was shaken up after she photographed what she believes to be aliens inside her home. That would be enough to freak anyone out.

SAN DIEGO — A woman in California released a photograph this week she claims it contains two “entities”.

The woman, who provided a full name but was omitted in the report, said she was taking pictures in her San Diego home when she felt being watched.

“I was in my family room taking pictures of the television of the wedding of William and Kate,” she said about the 2011 event. “I felt that I had eyes on me.”

The images, reportedly taken with a Canon Power Shot SD750 camera, show the reflection of the staircase on a mirror. There seem to be two humanoid silhouettes that caught the home owner’s attention.

“I noticed the reflection in the photo about a week after taking the photo. it looked blurry but then I saw what clearly looked like ‘something not of this world’. I downloaded it to my computer and zoomed in. Everyone that has seen this photo says this ‘thing’ sitting on the landing in my home looks like an alien.”

To read more and see the photo, click here. 


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    1. Robert Lindsay Say's,,
      just the thought of heterosexual lovemaking makes me "CRINGE"...

  2. So... where's the photo? Can't believe this blog sometimes!

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