Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Witness Reports Bigfoot Making Strange Sound


It gradually shifted to a gurgling chuckle or laugh-like sound 1974, Berrien County, Michigan, I was around 12 years old and watching my 4 younger brothers one evening while my parents went out for a few drinks when I heard something that scared me like nothing else I have ever experienced before or since. It scared me so badly in fact that I was too embarrassed to ever mention it to my parents, certain that they would merely ridicule me for lack of any evidence to back up such a wild and unprovable claim.

I had sent my brothers all to bed an hour or so before and had been lying on the living room couch watching television around 11pm when I heard a noise outside the window the couch was situated under. It was quite loud and extremely close, just outside the window against the side of the house… close enough that I could hear an intake of breath from the source of the sound. I was horribly frightened by the sound, because I had never heard anything like it in my entire life. It was a howling scream that sounded like something dying and it gradually shifted to a gurgling chuckle or laugh-like sound that lasted maybe around 10 seconds. It did not repeat and no other sound were heard.

I have heard many screams from human and animal sources including rabbits, deer, dogs, cats, racoons and possums but this sounded nothing like any of them even remotely, and I certainly never heard anything besides another human produce a true laugh. What I heard did not sound human at all, it actually sounded “evil” to me, for lack of a better description, and it scared me so badly that I waited around 30 minutes before mustering enough courage to don boots, jacket and grab a flashlight to go outside and investigate.

It was mid-winter and had been snowing since early evening so there was several inches of fresh snow on the ground but after searching all around our house and yard I could not find a single track to indicate what had caused the sound. There is a gap between houses where the sound came from that is maybe 12-15 feet wide with a shrub-line roughly 6 feet from the side of our house, and all the snow was totally undisturbed.

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  3. I guess you had to be there (rolls eyes).

  4. Matt... cmon man lets see one video today with a bigfoot in it. One.

  5. The sounds came from Bigfoot's bowels. I think he ate a rotten deer carcass for dinner.