Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [8-9-2016]

Watch: Pam learns how to use Windows

Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.com, the front page of the strange and unexplained:
Watch: You say cute, I say freaky

Watch: Changing planes in mid-air

Watch: Banned Olympic moves

Watch: Pokemon Go in the park


  1. So Zasky wants 9.99 a mont to look at his stuff now. Anyone gonna give him 9.99 a month? Not me y'all, not me.

    1. To be honest, im just curious see how it works out for him!

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  2. Joerg my face and call me daddy!

  3. Ok Pam is kinda hot.

    Yeah I wonder how Mark is doing with the 9.99 thing. I don't blame him because he puts in massive amounts of time between going out to the field and putting the stuff together in editing. I haven't joined because I feel silly as a researcher paying to see someone else's research but I do understand the move.

    The other guy I watch is Anthony Moffett and he has pulled his videos from youtube entirely. Coincidentally he quit right after I sent him a picture showing him standing next to a huge bigfoot. Once he saw what he is in the woods with he didn't want to go out anymore. Maybe.

  4. Exactly. Mark *knows* what is out there and he goes out to film it anyway. That is why he needs that wheelbarrow to carry his balls around. If you saw a 9-ft squatch hiding behind a tree 6 feet from you in analysis would you be able to go out to the same place the next day? Mark and Mel seem to do that routinely and Mark has admitted that he suffers from nausea when they are in proximity to bigfoot. Its pure guts.

  5. lol putting a camera in the hands of Melanie McCartney is genius. She is an intuition machine. When she is pointing a camera that camera is being pointed by the most complex and unfathomable intuition process in the observable universe and the results are amazing. Mark is a good camera man but Melanie's sensitivity to sound and motion coupled with that intuition is quite astonishing. She is all over them.