Thursday, August 4, 2016

John Green Interviews Glen Thomas About Historical Bigfoot Sighting Part 3

From the Sasquatch Archives, here is the conclusion to the interview of Glen Thomas conducted by John Green.

In 1968, sasquatch researcher John Green traveled to Oregon to interview Glen Thomas who claimed to have witnessed three sasquatch catching and eating rodents in October of 1967. If Thomas’ account is true, it presents us with some very interesting behavioral and dietary habits of sasquatch.

To my knowledge, the Glen Thomas interview has never been made public prior to now. Although he initially did not want his name associated with his sighting, eventually Mr. Thomas conceded to allow the use of his name.

It must be stated that without John Green’s tenacity in archiving materials such as the Glen Thomas interview, some of these old audio clips would be lost forever. So, gratitude is extended to John Green (1927–2016) for his life-long and tireless efforts.


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    1. Isn't that Kelly Shaw's nickname?

  2. A black bear and cubs going for a few rodents. It doesn't require a fantastical explanation just keep it simple.


  4. He said they ate it. Skin, feathers and all. Rodents dont have feathers.