Monday, August 22, 2016

Ivan Marx's The Legend Of Bigfoot - Special Edition

From the Queensland UFO Sightings and Research youtube channel:

A painstakingly researched, enhanced and extended cut of Ivan Marx controversial documentary. More informative and a good bit creepier than the original cut. Marx encounters a small female sasquatch, ancient American Indian markings, witnesses who have encountered mysterious "U.F.O.s" and headless creatures with glowing eyes, which would later come to be known as "Mothmen".


  1. I own this blog.

    bigfoot is a hoax

    1. Permission to speak sir?

    2. Argh yes! For thousands of years, there has been a culture hopping secret society of gorilla suit wearing hoaxers all out to get your money. These people, though finding each others customs undesirable, and spanning from a time when they didn't even know what a non-human primate looked like, these hoaxers have in fact managed to cheat the best experts with fake biological species traits that span decades and States, in lottery win fashion too.

    3. There you go again, sporto. Overfitting.

    4. 10;04

      "Best experts"? Oh my,not very difficult in the field of "research" that takes place.It isn`t as if the woods are teeming with scientists knowledgeable in the subject or otherwise educated personnel.As for the "thousands of years" - there`s not a supported historical knowledge of the continent that goes back a fraction in time.

    5. Precisely!! Not one consorted professional mainstream scientific effort and amateur researchers have managed to accumulate three times the evidence that the Bili Ape had at this stage of research. However, if you look at the conservationists and primatologists who are enthusiastic about the evidence, that accounts for the best in their respected fields. If you look at the experts who have actually analysed the physical evidence, they have reputable scientific backgrounds and have applied consistent scientific method. It matters not of these are in a stark minority, if they have in comparison to the majority actually looked at the evidence and it is substantiated at some level, then it can be aligned with every other scientific breakthrough in history that has always been attributed to a few.

      It is widely accepted by mainstream archeology that Native Americans have lived on the continent of North America for 14,000 years. However, the Natives say 50,000. Turtle Island is a term used by several North Eastern Woodland indigenous tribes, especially the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederacy, for the continent of North America. On the 6:30mins mark here;

      ... Aounds crazy. But if you read here;

      ... There appears to be some scientists arguing for the case. There are over 100 Native American names for the creature commonly known as Sasquatch. If you plug these names into the US government’s geographical names and informational system, you’ll get 2,300 places in America named with reference to these Native names. On a map, these places follow the summit ridges & peaks of all the mountain ranges in America, particularly in Oregon and Washington. The Native place names and contemporary reports of Sasquatch follow the summit ridges and peaks of the coastal range, the summit ridges and peaks of the Cascade range, and in particularly, the highest density is between the three mountains of Mount St Helens, Mount Adams and Mount St Rainier… With the triangle within those three places having the highest density of Native American place names that have reference to these creatures. Native acknowledgement is literally as old as the mountains.

    6. ^ Yes,I hear they are called the "sperts or spurts" for short or those who are more familiar with "woody goings on".

      "Spurter" Joe

  2. The "bigfoot" was his wife dressed up in a pathetic, skinny cheapass suit.

  3. Ivan Marx is Karl's grandson. He promoted the dictatorship of the proletarian Bigfoot.