Monday, July 25, 2016

Possible Bigfoot Activity Ends In Something Being Stolen

From the youtube channel of Dwight Campbell:

Squatchin at the fern forest in North Carloina an apple comes up missing after wood knocks and low moans are heard. Calls are later returned with a loud tree push-over immediately after the calls!!!


  1. Tiddly Doo and bags of blue!

  2. When you're an ISF'er you lie, you pretend, you sock puppet. It's what you do.

  3. The DNC on PBS starts now

    BPS will do their best to rub some polish on this deuce

    Trump needs to completely refund PBS and go after all the universities that scammed peeps into a huge education loan dept with jobs and a chicken in every pot just right around the corner. that they may never get a chance to pay back. You see they can't print money out of thin air like the banks

    Why do you think the price of education has gone thru the roof.

    Easy money


  4. So where was this pushed over tree! Or the wood knocks! This video is garbage lies!