Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lessons From The Field By Squatch Detective Steve Kulls

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It’s time to shape up folks. It’s time to change to be better. It’s time to take some heartfelt advice from someone who has had a handful of sightings and a handful of experiences. But they weren’t every time out nor every area I went to. That takes time, logistics, analysis and a lot of luck. But what I have seen trending over the last several years, much in part to social media, is the rise of some sycophants who are so starved for attention they find Bigfoot at every turn and play to an uneducated, drive by audience.

Then there is the ones who try so hard, that they find evidence at every turn. I understand the bias towards ones own evidence, but if someone shows you the light, or gives you constructive criticism, take it!!! Not personally.

The audience that reads this blog, is educated, because they took time to come here, visit the site, read through the archives, Hall of Shame and of course Squatchdetective University. The people that read this are more than just your average enthusiast, they seek more. Of course many researchers read my blog and site as well.

Over the years I have made some missteps. Admitted such and learned from them and moved on. I have found evidence and some landed in my lap which have become neat discoveries which have fueled the debate of the existence of the creatures. mission was always to tell everybody the good, the bad and the ugly.

I have tried to stay clear of many rivalries that exist today in this pseudo-scientific field. Because lets not kid ourselves, we’re not scientists. There are some in the field, but very few and far between.

I was told the other day, I am known for busting hoaxes. I actually was offended by this at first thinking it was a slam. But what I should be known for is telling it like it is.

See the reason why I am known for is busting hoaxes, is because usually I handle misidentifications quietly. There is no need for embarrassment of the individual for they have done nothing wrong.

So in effect for every hoax I have thrown out to the public there have been a number of those which have been categorized as misidentifications and a few that don’t live up to me posting them, but I just couldn’t tell you honestly what I think because I am not sure.

I have been quiet because the field team is nursing family members who are in ill health, working on education and I myself am nursing a sprained ankle. But we are on the move this month.. so look forward to seeing some reports, even if it is nothing important, we’ll keep you updated.

You see for a long time I have sat by quietly and not commented. Well that time has ended.

But let me predicate this with my background, I have been an investigator practically all my adult life. I have have worked numerous years in retail loss prevention and investigation, and as a Private Investigator in the criminal, civil and insurance industries.

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  1. Yes, Iktomi/Joe. I am sure he would let you kneel down and service him.

    1. No, that's what I want to do to Joe. That's why I pretend to be him.

    2. any of you selling socks ?

  2. Isn't Kulls the moron who claimed a picture of an owl was a Bigfoot ?

    1. No, he claimed a picture of Bigfoot was an owl.

  3. Uh Steve, Fuck You.

    You never found anything nor presented a shred of evidence. You added *nothing* to the search or the debate. Don't lecture those finding actual evidence or try to shame those choosing to release that information on youtube.

    You had your shot. You didn't find the thing. Next.

    1. Steve Kulls? Not interested this guy is a never was and never will be in bigfooting. He glorifies his one camping trip a year as bigfooting. Rest of the time he is a google research bigfoot investigator. Next!

  4. Busting hoaxes? Gets interviewed by Ohio Bill, and never mentions the hoaxes he was involved in, including that stupid show. Lame gig Steve, very lame.

  5. Steve was speaking at the Cabela's annual Bigfoot convention, and the Manager told me that he had a CLEAR trail cam pic, that was better and more clear than my pics..So i went upstairs to see this pic....I almost LOL, because i had seen the pic in the past, and i do believe it is a Bigfoot, but NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE CLARITY that i have.
    Steve was very nice, and explained everything about the trail cam pic.....The trail cam pic was not his, but he has permission to show it, and discuss it with others....I don't believe he has any evidence of his own though....Not a single person at the Cabela's event had ANY EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER, EXCEPT DR SQUATCH!
    I'm not bragging, it's more upsetting than anything.

    Here was the trail cam pic Steve had.


    Steve busts the Dudson photo!