Sunday, July 10, 2016

Did Bigfoot Save This Boy's Life?

From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search:

Mike was playing outside after faking sick and had an encounter with a Sasquatch who seemed to save him from a black panther. The skunk-ape is the name of the Florida Sasquatch and they do exists in the woods of Florida. The Black Panther is not to exist in Florida but they do seem to live there according to Mike and many others. Come hear this mans story of an encounter with both cryptids and the unlikely idea of a Skunk Ape saving a human from a predator attack.


  1. First

    For Mark Fidrychs wife and daughter

    Watching MLB networks special on him right now


  2. No Bigfoot didn't save any life! Waiter Reality check please!

  3. Can't listen 'cause this guy talks so slow. By the time he introduces himself I've cleaned the kitchen opened a beer and made a sandwich.
    How does anything get done in Kentucky?