Sunday, July 17, 2016

Charles Flood Bigfoot Encounter - 1915

Todd Prescott of The Sasquatch Archives youtube channel released this ultra-rare recording of an interview with bigfoot witness Charles Flood. Check it out:

Sometime in 1957 or 1958 (most likely autumn 1957), radio personality Jack Webster interviewed Charles Flood. The same program also featured William Roe. The Roe interview is on this channel as well.

As some may already know, Charles Flood claimed to have had a close-range sighting of a sasquatch in 1915, along with friends Donald McRae and Green Hicks (although McRae thought it to be a bear). In some respects, their encounter became well-known within the sasquatch research community—often being cited in books and magazine articles.

For the first time in nearly 60 years, Charles Flood’s only known audio interview has now been made public.

It must be said that without John Green’s tenacity in archiving materials such as the Charles Flood interview, some of these old audio clips would be lost forever. So, gratitude is extended to John Green (1927–2016) for his life-long and tireless efforts.


  1. Flood, McRae and Hicks see something. Flood thinks it is a Bigfoot. Hicks thinks it was a bear. As for McRae? Don't know what he thinks.

    Iktomi calls this evidence. Science calls it worthless.

    1. Sorry Hates... Science isn't a freethinking entity, it's a tool that's been used to test and verify various sources of scientific evidence that accounts for the same anatomy that has been widely reported in Sasquatch for the past few hundred years.

      Why don't you swap into anon mode and debate it with me again so nobody knows who the patoot who's got schooled again is?

  2. Replies
    1. In the interview, Flood states that Hicks agreed with him that it was not a bear and what they could only describe as a wildman.

    2. Though I haven't listened to it yet... That's gotta make Hates look even more stupid.

  3. I've never been a Star wars fan but didn't C3PO always have two gold legs? xx