Friday, July 22, 2016

Bigfoot: A Living Legend Side B

From the Sasquatch Archives - Yesterday we posted an amazingly rare recording of this bigfoot LP. Today we bring you the B side of that same rare album.

Bigfoot: A Living Legend LP (Side B)

This album from 1975 predates the Bigfoot Recordings/Sierra Sounds by many years. Journalist Al Berry and Warren Johnson produced this ultra-rare record. Until now, few people will have even known about this album—that’s just how rare it is.

This video displays Side B of the album. Also look for Side A on this channel.

From the back of the album jacket:

“These remarkable sounds, publicly presented here for the first time ever, originally were recorded under darkness October 21, 1972, from within a coarse deadwood shelter located in a remote region of the middle High Sierra. They occurred during what was otherwise a routine investigation of Bigfoot phenomena in the area, including the appearance of five-toed footprints ranging in length from 11 to 21 inches. Similar sounds have been heard and recorded in this area on numerous occasions over a period of four years, yet sightings of their “creature” source have been rare and their exact origin and nature remains scientifically unexplained.”

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